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Fuelics proposal “Design and Development of a NBIoT battery operated piezoelectric sensor for the noninvasive characterization of tanks of liquid fuel, liquefied fuel and liquefied industrial gases” managed to secure funding from the GGET(gsrt) – the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology.

The sensor once developed, will be able to provide fuel level monitoring indication on any type of fuel (petrol, diesel, etc), any type of liquefied fuel (Hydrogen, Natural Gas, LPG, CNG etc) and any type of industrial gas (He, O2, CO2, N2 etc)

This sensor will determine the quantity of fuel in ambient and high pressured reservoirs. It will include our proprietary edge computing technology in constrained battery operated devices and will provide seamless interoperability with any third party fuel management or intelligent transportation platform over any API container.

Along with the Device Management Platform and the Firmware over the air provision, this sensor will be added to our product portfolio of fuel management LPWA and SmartCity sensors.

We are so proud of this achievement! Our core management team Evangelos Angelopoulos, Michael Vaidakis, Dr. Dionysis Skamnakis, and Nikolaos Dimopoulos will work intensively towards bringing this product to life.

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Fuelics managed to secure research grant for the design and development of a piezoelectric sensor