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Fuelics launches NB-IoTester, a portable battery operated logging device that records quality characteristics of NBIoT networks in real time. Build to offer versatility and traceability, the NB-IoTester registers a bouquet of quality network characteristics such as RSSI, SNR, RSRP, RSRQ, Signal Power and Transmitted Power. Utilizing Fuelics’ technology stack, this sensor has been created to facilitate rapid installation of battery operated devices, while mitigating the effects of bad reception and blind spots. Based on Grafana open-source analytics platform, the NB-IoTester is a powerful visualization module that accelerates any pre-installation procedure, such as the deployment of parking sensors and water related sensors within pits.


Reduce your overheads and create knowledge on the field before any final deployment.


Contact: sales@fuelics.com for pricing and availability.


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Fuelics Introduces NBIoTester device for rapid field deployment of NBIoT sensors