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Fuelics & Waseela – Successfully Implement the First Fuel Management Project for Stationary Diesel Tanks in the Middle East

  • Fuelics & Waseela Form a Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Fuel Management in the Middle East
  • “This partnership with Fuelics is a testament to the power of collaboration in driving new innovations in IoT applications & achieving common goals” Dr Rami Abualhiga, the Managing Director of Waseela
  • “We are proud of partnering with Waseela Corporation and gradually deploying highly innovative deep tech projects in the Middle East” Evangelos Angelopoulos, the CEO & Business Development Director of Fuelics


May 2023, Dubai, Athens,

Waseela, the leading ICT Systems Integrator in the Middle East since 2007, announced a strategic partnership with Fuelics, a renowned pioneer in fuel management technology.

They also announced the commissioning of the first-ever Fuel Management Project for Stationary Diesel Tanks in the Middle East for a prestigious government organization as a first breakthrough milestone.

Fuelics’ edge computing platform, NB-IoT fuel sensors and infrastructure enable the remote management of stationary fuel tanks deployed in a very large geographical area. The network of battery-operated sensors and the end-to-end IoT Platform deployed allows in-depth monitoring of diesel fuel and the timely and hassle-free refuelling further advancing the client’s digital transformation journey.

This project marks a significant milestone in the Middle East’s energy sector. Implementing advanced fuel management solutions enable precise monitoring, control and optimization of fuel usage, reducing wastage and enhancing sustainability efforts across various industries.

“This partnership with Fuelics is a testament to the power of collaboration in driving new innovations in IoT Applications and achieving common goals. I am confident that this successful collaboration will continue to yield positive results and contribute to the growth and development of the Middle East’s digital transformation journey,” said Dr Rami Abualhiga, the Managing Director at Waseela.

“We are proud of partnering with Waseela and gradually deploying highly innovative deep tech projects in the Middle East” Said Dr. Evangelos Angelopoulos, the CEO & Business Development Director of Fuelics  and added “We are eager to closely work with Waseela and contribute to the digital transformation of Waseela’s clients using our innovative technology stack”.

Waseela and Fuelics are ready to have a lasting effect on how fuel is managed in the Middle East. By bringing together their knowledge, advanced technology and strong commitment, this important partnership aims to creating a more eco-friendly and effective future for businesses in the area.



For more information:

Media Relations P0C, issam.abukou@waseela.com, +971 58 522 8133

Media Relations, sales@fuelics.com, +302107779260


About Waseela

A leading Systems Integrator since 2007, offering end-to-end innovative ICT solutions, with a portfolio of over 325 clients in the Middle East in various segments, from government to semi-government and private enterprise. Established in 2007, and operating in 4 countries; Jordan, KSA, UAE & Qatar, Waseela has successfully delivered many unique high-profile projects that helped clients achieve their desired business outcomes with reasonable costs and minimum risks.

Lear more at https://waseela.com/, LinkedIn, Twitter


About Fuelics

Fuelics is an EU Research & Development company that has introduced the first ever edge computing battery operated NB-IoT fuel sensor backed by a cloud agnostic infrastructure allowing remote management of deployed assets over the air. Since 2019, Fuelics has developed a portfolio of LPWA sensors for the Fuel Industry and the Smart City Initiative.

Learn more at https://www.fuelics.com/, LinkedIn

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Fuelics joins DIH-World with SMARTCHAIN experiment

Fuelics’s innovative proposal with ahedd was selected at the 1st DIH-World Open Call for experiments.

The aim of the action is to boost the digitalisation level of the participating manufacturing SMEs with the use of advanced technologies offered by the DIHs.

Our experiment “SMARTCHAIN” aims to link and visualize all stored data related to the food industry for efficient traceability and analytics provision along the entire value chain.

  • Fuelics will develop a reconfigurable edge computing sensor to accompany transferred goods and deliver the IoT platform.
  • ahedd will deliver the AI module that will provide advanced analytics and predictions to support data-driven decisions based on sensorial and geo-spatial data.

SMARTCHAIN will validate and demonstrate how an IoT-based platform allows all the involved stakeholders in the supply chain of the food product ecosystem to monitor the most critical parameters during storage and transportation processes. Paired in a next phase with the technology of smart contracts, this proposed technology framework will lead to the possibility of calculating risks and making justified and trustworthy delivery and insurance claims, should the transport renders problematic.

About DIH-World

DIH-World aims to accelerate the uptake of advanced digital technologies by European manufacturing SMEs in all sectors by supporting them in building sustainable competitive advantages and reaching global markets. DIH-World will support the DIHs with training and mentoring and will provide them access to a wide range of good practices.

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Fuelics Introduces NBIoTester device for rapid field deployment of NBIoT sensors

Fuelics launches NB-IoTester, a portable battery operated logging device that records quality characteristics of NBIoT networks in real time. Build to offer versatility and traceability, the NB-IoTester registers a bouquet of quality network characteristics such as RSSI, SNR, RSRP, RSRQ, Signal Power and Transmitted Power. Utilizing Fuelics’ technology stack, this sensor has been created to facilitate rapid installation of battery operated devices, while mitigating the effects of bad reception and blind spots. Based on Grafana open-source analytics platform, the NB-IoTester is a powerful visualization module that accelerates any pre-installation procedure, such as the deployment of parking sensors and water related sensors within pits.


Reduce your overheads and create knowledge on the field before any final deployment.


Contact: sales@fuelics.com for pricing and availability.


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2.000.000 remote management payloads

A great milestone was reached yesterday in Fuelics. 2,000,000 remote management sessions of our deployed sensors over NBIoT have been counted for. 2 million times, our multi-tenant and agnostic cloud infrastructure opened a two-way communication path over NBIoT in order to remotely alter functional parameters or the firmware of the sensor.

2,000,000 times we provided remotely a holistic support to our customers, saving them a precious time and resources. Otherwise, you can always travel and parametrize the sensor one by one by plugging in a cable.

With our technology stack, over API, your fleet of sensors can be managed by the desktop screen of your computer.

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Press Release: IntelWATT EU PROJECT

Water use has been increasing worldwide by about 1% per year since the 1980s. Global water demand is expected to continue increasing at a similar rate until 2050 due to rising needs of the industrial and domestic sectors, and will lead to an increase of 20 to 30% above the current level of water use. IntelWATT will provide a TRL7-8, innovative & intelligent water treatment technologies combining fresh water preservation with resources recovery and energy conversion based on the circular economy concept.

IntelWATT aims to develop innovative solutions with near-zero discharge using closed-loop systems in combination with recovery of energy and resources through the development of smart, cost-efficient tailor-made monitoring, separation and management systems applied in three different energy and water intensive industries. The goal of the project is to achieve water preservation along with energy production and material recovery in a thermoelectric power plant, a plastic electroplating facility, mining and wastewater treatment plant.

Fuelics, a Greek based deep tech company, participates in IntelWATT for the provision and re-development of exponential edge computing sensors. Fuelics will cooperate with world class experts of the academia and industry, namely:

Learn more about IntelWATT here.


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