FuelicsTM is an Internet of Things Fuel Management platform, utilizing proprietary NB-IoT Fuel Sensors designed and manufactured by Fuelics Ltd or commercially available industrial fuel sensors, with the aim to connect stationary or mobile fuel tanks to the cloud and provide deep insight of their operational and management needs.

We have designed FuelicsTM to become the world’s first end-to-end IoT Tank Management Platform. Starting from fuel management of any type of stationary or mobile diesel tank we envisage FuelicsTM providing services to any type of storage tank in the oil, gas, utility, chemical, maritime and food industry.

Meet tank.FuelicsTM


At a glance

tank.fuelicsTM, our vertical FuelicsTM module, is a commercially available platform currently connecting a few dozen stationary diesel tanks in the cloud.

Tank.FuelicsTM is a fuel management platform for stationary or mobile fuel tanks. Regardless of the type of measuring sensor and the mode of operation (lever or fuel flow), tank.FuelicsTM delivers holistic operational and management services to fuel tank owners.

Be always aware of your fuel consumption behavior, be punctual on the refueling process and avoid fuel theft or unauthorized fuel usage. Retrieve energy related KPIs and take advantage of our intuitive alarming and reporting system.

Key Features

Interoperable with any type of industrial Fuel Sensors including NB-IoT sensors

Fuel Management of any type of fuel tank

Event Management triggered either by data processed in our backend infrastructure or locally within our NB-IoT sensor using machine learning code

Statistics, KPIs and custom-made reporting


Transforming Field Installation Excellence to Machine Learning Code.

FuelicsTM FLNBC Fuel Sensor

At a glance

This is the first ever NB-IoT Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor from a series of sensors, robustly designed and developed by Fuelics Ltd. It has been manufactured from scratch to rapidly commission stationary and mobile fuel tanks over tank.FuelicsTM Fuel Management Platform or third party IoT Middleware Platforms.

It is a capacitive battery operated sensor with high level fuel resolution, the highest available accuracy in commercial sensors, and at a competitive release cost. The sensor core utilizes machine learning code in order to minimize data throughput or drastically monitor specific operational events of the tank’s lifecycle.

Operating Principle

Dielectric measurement via capacitance of any type of diesel fuel (including biodiesel)

Key Features

Full NB-IoT connectivity (validated on a commercial network)

NFC communication interface

Intrinsic Intelligence utilizing machine learning

10+ years of battery life

High Measurement Resolution

Our Story

Asset management is always a center of cost for every business. It creates a long list of operational needs that have to be met, otherwise assets result either depreciated or uneconomical. Diesel mainly and petrol fuel secondarily, are the prominent energy sources that keep the world economy spinning. This is why we stirred our creativity in this niche area of asset management of stationary and mobile storage tanks.

Our entrepreneurial quest initiated by designing tank. FuelicsTM as a stand-alone fuel management platform, offering a holistic coverage of the operational and management needs of a tank owner. In order to commission the first tanks, we implemented industrial third-party fuel and flow sensors and delivered our first massive IoT pilots. This period was met will unparalleled installation and integration success, while focusing on evolving our code and field installation procedures.

Soon, we realized that it is imperative to utilize sensors with impregnated intelligence, since the raw data collected per tank per year can become massive, therefore resulting to a cost suffocating burden to any company, while trying to scale up. The only way to manifest a low data throughput rationale is by introducing a sensor with specific characteristics, intrinsic intelligence and ease of manufacturability.

In Q4 2017, Fuelics Ltd reveals the first ever NB-IoT Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor with machine learning intelligence. Extensive field and telecommunication testing over commercial NB-IoT networks manifested that all prototypes perform extremely well, whereas our strive to become the center of tank monitoring over IoT technologies, will lead to the release of new types of sensors in the next quarters.

Who We Are

Dr. Evangelos Angelopoulos

Business Development & Sales

Michael Vaidakis

Research & Development

Nikos Dimopoulos


Dr. Dionysis Skamnakis

Chief Technical Officer

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